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New Year Make Over

It’s the New Year, and there’s nothing better than a New Year make over to signify that it’s a new period in our lives to take advantage of! Many people change their fashion, hair, and makeup when they think make over, but it really should start with your smile.

Did you know that a smile has an astounding amount of benefits on your social life? You appear more attractive, more approachable, and more trustworthy to others when you smile, so it’s important to really think about the aesthetics of your smile when you’re undergoing that New Year make over.

Many adults get concerned about the appearance of their smile – perhaps they have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite – and believe that it’s too late to undergo corrective orthodontic treatment. At Norwest Orthodontics, our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Shimanto Purkayastha is skilled in orthodontic treatments for adults, and recommends treatment with Invisalign, a near-invisible braces treatment that will allow you to go about your regular routine with confidence.

Start your New Year with a make over for your smile, and start your journey to smiling with confidence today. Contact Norwest Orthodontics and expect excellence on 02 9672 6113.

New Year Make Over

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