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How young is too young for braces?

Braces for kids is beginning at a younger age in our modern world, we have more knowledge on the best time to review and the best time to treat. It may seem that braces for teenagers is a more suitable timing for treatment, however research shows that assessing a child roughly at the age of seven will help determine what to do in the future.

A child may have a consultation with a Sydney orthodontist at the age of seven, yet this does not mean they will have braces or treatment at this stage. It is best to monitor growth of a child earlier rather than later as there may be steps of prevention that assist in orthodontic braces treatment at a later stage.

It is best to begin orthodontic braces when all permanent teeth have erupted, if treatment is begun any earlier, we run the risk of having to do further treatment at a later stage.  A Sydney orthodontist may suggest other treatments in the meantime, however in the beginning stages much of it is observance.

A child is only too young for braces if their permanent teeth have not yet come through and most children only begin to see all permanent teeth between the ages of 9-12. Some children may have a plate or an expander treatment in the interim, however braces for kids are still not recommended until permanency of all teeth.

If you are unsure as to whether your child may or may not need braces, why not come in for a consultation with the team at Norwest Orthodontics. Call on 9672 6113 for your appointment today.

How young is too young for braces?

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