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How to Maintain a Smile after your Braces come off

When the time comes to remove your braces, it can be tempting to become more relaxed in your oral care. However doing so might just diminish the effect of your orthodontic treatment! To maintain your smile after your braces come off, you need to continue with your oral care.

When your braces are removed you will receive some final instructions from Dr Shimanto Purkayastha to maintain your teeth’s shifted position, usually in the form of a retainer. These are either a removable or fixed device that are custom-made for your bite to hold your teeth in position after your orthodontic treatment is over. To maintain your new beautiful smile, you need to be using your retainer!

Initially, instructions may include the need to wear your retainer full-time for a few months. After this time expires you may be able to transition to night-use only to maintain your new confident smile.

Retainers are easy and comfortable to wear as they have been custom-made for your teeth!

At Norwest Orthodontics, our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Shimanto Purkayastha will guide you through after braces and will provide you with easy instructions for using your retainer. Norwest Orthodontics prefers comfortable and invisible retainers to retain your teeth’s new positioning.

For premium service that puts you at the centre of the treatment process, contact Norwest Orthodontics.

How to Maintain a Smile after your Braces come off

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