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Giving Your Child the Best Start with Damon Braces

We all want the best for our children. Quite simply, most of our decisions after having children are centred on how to give them the best possible opportunities and lifestyle that we can provide.

Giving your child the best possible start by providing them with the best orthodontic care and treatment can set them up for a life of success, confidence and good health. Dental health and appearance are strongly linked to each individual’s impression of their self-image, so by investing in your child’s treatment now you will see them grow into their full potential as an adult.

Norwest Orthodontics are an exclusive supplier of the Damon Braces range of orthodontic treatments, offering a superior level of quality and effectiveness for your child’s care. Norwest Orthodontics combines the best professional practices with superior technologies in orthodontic treatment and is the natural choice for those who want the best for their child’s teeth.

In considering the “best” treatment option, the impact on your child’s physical and emotional well-being must be considered. The Damon Braces systems are industry-renowned for being a more comfortable, discreet and effective treatment alternative due to their innovative design. Both the Damon Q and Damon Clear systems offer a significant reduction in treatment times, discomfort and impact on appearance.

The Damon Clear system features a superior tieless and clear bracket design along with high tech archwires so treatment is as fast, comfortable and discreet as possible. Damon Q braces are termed a ‘self-ligating’ system and has been specifically designed for enhanced aesthetics while treatment is in process. Both system’s designs feature a drastic reduction in friction and binding which increases their effectiveness.

To discuss the possible benefits of Damon Braces for your child, call Norwest Orthodontics today on 02 9672 6113.

Giving Your Child the Best Start with Damon Braces

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