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Find a braces treatment that suits your busy lifestyle

As adults it can be hard to find time in our busy days to schedule appointments, let alone turn up for them and continue with any follow up needed. If you’ve decided to make improving your smile a priority, Norwest Orthodontics will create a braces treatment plan to suit your busy lifestyle.

Norwest Orthodontics offers a range of orthodontic treatments that are specially designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, making the process of constructing a better smile less impactful on your day to day life.

Find The Best Braces Treatment Plan for You

types of braces | Damon bracesAt Norwest Orthodontics we offer the Damon Braces System to specifically allow shorter treatment times, the Insignia computerised treatment plan to ensure a tailored treatment play for your dental anatomy and Invisalign aligners to discretely and efficiently move teeth.

Our procedures have shorter treatment times than traditional braces because they are custom-made to suit your teeth. The first step is for our Specialist Orthodontist to assess your teeth and recommend the ideal treatment. To book for an initial consultation, please contact Norwest Orthodontics on 02 9672 6113 for our friendly staff to book a time suitable for you.

Find a braces treatment that suits your busy lifestyle

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