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Early Intervention: Getting the jump on orthodontic issues

As with most health concerns, early intervention for orthodontic issues is the best way to maximise the effectiveness of treatment. So what is considered ‘early intervention’ in orthodontics and how does it help to provide successful treatment?

Children’s mouths are not fully formed until they are well into their teen years, so there is an ideal “window” in their development to correct any issues they may have with their teeth. At Norwest Orthodontics, our practice is focused on providing the best and most appropriate treatment to our patients, and a large part of this is establishing the ideal timing for procedures.

In most cases, a child should begin treatment from around 9 to 14 years of age. Early intervention is considered to take place from the age of around 7, when most children have a mix of baby and adult teeth. At this point, the trained expertise of the Norwest Orthodontic team can spot even the subtlest of issues that may require further treatment.

Identifying the need for orthodontic treatment can often be tricky, especially with children. Children grow and change so much from day to day, and sometimes an obvious issue with their teeth may correct itself in time. However, larger issues are often not so obvious to the untrained eye and require professional orthodontic evaluation and investigation. These issues can include over bites, under bites, and crowded or crooked teeth to name just a few.

Having your child assessed by the professional staff at Norwest Orthodontics at an early age ensures their dental health has been comprehensively monitored. Even if treatment is not required immediately, Norwest Orthodontics can monitor and evaluate any possible issues that could require attention in the future.

Investing a small amount of time now can ensure that any future treatments are as effective as possible. Orthodontic treatment is time-sensitive, so making sure your child is treated correctly and at the best time will yield the best results.

If you feel you would like to get ‘the jump’ on your child’s possible orthodontic issues, call Norwest today on 02 9672 6113 to schedule a convenient appointment.

Early Intervention: Getting the jump on orthodontic issues

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