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Do braces have painful side effects?

Getting braces treatment can be quite daunting as the mouth is a very sensitive part of the body. Many patients are afraid of the potential painful side effects of having braces, particularly children getting braces. Braces may be uncomfortable after they have been placed on and at some adjustment appointments, however for the most part braces to straighten teeth are not altogether too scary.

We at Norwest Orthodontics understand that getting orthodontic treatment can take time getting used to for all ages. To help alleviate these concerns, we have put together a list of common concerns or problems that patients may experience. When patients can anticipate what their orthodontic treatment involves, we see that they are a lot more relaxed, as they feel they have more control over their treatment.

  • The most common discomfort for most patients is usually when the braces have just been put on. It takes a little time for the mouth to adjust, so we recommend having pain relief medication on hand to help alleviate this. Sticking to softer foods initially may also help with the discomfort.
  • Eating certain foods can sometimes cause discomfort in the mouth, particularly if they are chewy or hard foods. We at Norwest Orthodontics have compiled an online recipe book called Soft – Recipes for Tender Mouths; it includes tasty braces friendly meals.
  • In the early stages of braces treatment, some patients notice their braces rubbing against the inside of their cheeks or lips. This is temporary, and the mouth will soon adjust to the new placement of the straightening teeth. In the meantime, the use of orthodontic wax and rinsing with warm salty water can help with this.

The team at Norwest Orthodontics try to make orthodontic treatment as painless as possible. Just remember, a beautiful straight smile awaits!

Do braces have painful side effects?

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