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Do be jealous of my braces

Braces have long been associated with teenagers, awkward mouths full of metal that can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. New slimline and virtually invisible brace systems are a far cry from a mouth full of metal. depending on the system you chose, many friends may not even notice your braces.

What friends will be jealous of is the results of your braces treatment. After completing your braces orthodontic treatment, you will have a confident smile and straight teeth. But the benefits of braces goes beyond just looks. Straight teeth can help to correct bites, speech and even the way you chew. Straight teeth also contribute to healthier teeth and gums and are easier to brush, clean and floss

A confident smile and increased self-esteem aren’t the only benefits of correcting your smile. With our various custom orthodontic treatments available, your oral health will positively be enhanced as well. Contact Norwest Orthodontics to book for an initial consultation.

Do be jealous of my braces

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