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Different types of braces suited for your smile

One size doesn’t fit all. The only way to determine what braces are best for your smile is by having an initial consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist. There are several types of conventional, clear and invisible brace systems that may be suitable for you. In addition to what physically needs to be done to correct the teeth other factors are important – for example perhaps you need clear braces as you are in a client facing job, or you play contact sport and you need to be more careful and prefer removable clear braces. Whatever your requirements are, it is best to let your orthodontist know from the get go. Below are a few types of braces you may come across.

If you’re after Invisible Braces
Invisalign is a great option if you require a truly invisible option. Not only are they invisible, they are also a removable style of brace, meaning they are great for high contact sports people or those who may have events coming up. Invisalign is also a fairly quick option for braces if you have a mild change to make to your bite. They are often the choice for upcoming brides who want to start orthodontic treatment prior to their wedding, but don’t want to have the brace on for their wedding day.

You’re someone on the run
Looking after your teeth can be difficult at the best of times and generally our dental hygiene falls behind due to our busyness. Damon Q and Damon Clear braces are a great option for those on the run as they are more hygienic then the old braces with rubber ties/bands. Damon Q and Damon Clear braces have no rubber ties (which are the thing that causes hygiene issues), so not only are they more clean, they look better too. Damon Q braces are great for people who are sensitive, as they are more comfortable, hygienic and move teeth more quickly.

Health issues
Perhaps it’s not the straight teeth that are the issue, maybe it’s a health issue that needs helping out. Many people are opting for braces and plates as a way to manage their snoring habits. At times it can be your jaw that is causing snoring issues, insomnia or even jaw pain. All these health issues can be fixed by an orthodontic plan.

Not sure what braces plan is best for your lifestyle? Gives us a call today on 9672 6113 for an initial consultation and we’ll recommend the best orthodontic treatment for you.

Different types of braces suited for your smile

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