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Could my headaches be caused by a bad bite?

There are many different reasons for headaches, and problems with your jaw or bite can be one of them. Your headache might be a dental problem in disguise.
One of the main causes of a tension headache can be a misaligned bite, causing tightness and a dull ache in temples, across the forehead or the back of the head. A misaligned bite causes headaches by the uneven bite preventing the jaw from relaxing completely. The chronic muscle tension produces excessive lactic acid, a metabolic by-product that can lead to headache pain.

Few people have perfectly aligned teeth, however this should not cause painful headaches.

If you are unsure if your headaches are being caused by a bad bite or misaligned teeth, make an appointment today with the team at Norwest Orthodontics by calling 9672 6113.

Could my headaches be caused by a bad bite?

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