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Can I Still Get Braces If I Have Missing Teeth?

While the space left by a missing tooth can be a daunting prospect to face, braces can help to fill the gap and ensure that you maintain a healthy smile that is free of cosmetic and structural problems.

When teeth are missing, the surrounding teeth will often drift into the empty space, causing periodontal (gum), aesthetic (appearance), or functional (eating) problems. Our Specialist Orthodontist will take into consideration the gap left by any missing teeth and customise your orthodontic treatment according to what’s best for your teeth.

Proper alignment of your teeth is vital to your dental health. In many cases, an orthodontic brace can be used to close the space left by your missing teethwhile your remaining teeth are straightened.

Norwest Orthodontics’ Specialist Orthodontist may also recommend that the space left by your missing tooth is kept open or widened with braces to accommodate for dental restoration treatment. This is so that your remaining teeth can be realigned while the empty space is preserved for any future dental restorations such as dental implants or dental fillings.

At Norwest Orthodontics, our Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Purkayastha is experienced with orthodontic treatments for children, teenagers, and adults, and can help to customise your treatment to accommodate for missing teeth. Contact Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113 to receive dental advice tailored to your teeth from Dr. Purkayastha today!

Can I Still Get Braces If I Have Missing Teeth?

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