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Are six month braces a quicker fix or just a “quick fix”?

You may have recently heard of the ‘Six month smile’, or ‘Magic Braces’, a braces treatment that claims to straighten teeth in less than six months. This technique simply uses normal conventional metal braces that are then placed on the teeth only for a short time. Because of this there are limits to what this treatment can achieve.

Whilst in a limited number of patients this technique may result in straighter teeth, clinical evidence has shown that the vast majority of people will not achieve a satisfactory result.

But everyone’s teeth are not the same, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for straight teeth and a better smile.

To appreciate this, we need to understand how braces are used to straighten teeth. Your doctor must ensure that not only are you teeth straightened, but that we examine the way the teeth “bite” together to allow this to be corrected and improved. We do this so you not only have straighter teeth, but so you can function properly at the end of treatment. This is critical for long term health, stability and aesthetics and without this your treatment will have been wasted. Additionally a limited treatment technique like 6 month braces is not able to improve facial profiles, jaw structures or deal with bite correction.

Another important factor to consider is that certain tooth movements should not be rushed. If they are, this can actually damage your teeth and gums.

Unfortunately many patients who have opted for this quick fix have been disappointed when they have needed braces to be put back on to correct the problems properly; or to correct other things that went wrong due to the six month braces. This ultimately meant that the treatment took more time and more cost was spent than if a comprehensive treatment was performed initially.

The best course of action you can take when considering braces is to seek a specialist opinion from your Specialist Orthodontist.

Your specialist orthodontist will be able to tell you if you are suitable for a six month braces option and will give you an unbiased highly qualified opinion as to the best treatment method for you. Please give us a call on 9672-6113. We will be happy to answer all your questions, concerns and recommend the best option to get the best results for you.

Are six month braces a quicker fix or just a “quick fix”?

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