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Are Damon Braces a quicker treatment than other brace systems?

Damon Braces provide a superior alternative when it comes to aligning your teeth. Not only do they provide a comfortable, less painful and easier clean option as opposed to traditional braces, they can achieve enhanced alignment results, faster.

The unique Damon Braces system has been clinically proven to provide superior results in shorter time frames, making them the ideal alternative for those who want that perfect smile as soon as possible. Patients who wore the Damon Braces system as opposed to traditional metal braces have been seen to see a reduction in their treatment schedule of around 6 months.

The reduction in treatment times is one of the main benefits of the self-ligating design of Damon Braces. By reducing the time you need to wear your braces, the Damon system can really help to commit to properly to realigning your smile.

Some orthodontic patients can be daunted by the length of their treatment plans, so by providing a treatment option that is quicker and more comfortable than other alternatives, the Damon Braces system can help overcome the concerns that may be holding you back from getting the smile you have always dreamed of.

This innovative system also reduces the discomfort and necessary extractions associated with teeth realignment. Featuring tieless braces with high tech archwires, the Damon Brace system removes the need to use O-rings or rubber ties, significantly reduces the friction and binding often experienced with traditional braces systems.

By eliminating the need for rubber rings, Damon Braces also reduce the inherent build-up of plaque and bacteria. This makes them significantly easier to clean and to maintain your oral hygiene while wearing them.

Norwest Orthodontics proudly provide Damon Braces services and treatments to their patients. Norwest Orthodontics stand behind the Damon Braces system as we believe it is the fastest and most comfortable alternative.

Damon Braces are a superior alternative when considering a dental realignment process. Take the time to discuss with your Norwest Orthodontics professional whether the Damon Braces system could be right for you and your realignment needs.

Are Damon Braces a quicker treatment than other brace systems?

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