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Are braces too painful for children?

Braces for kids, teenagers or adults will naturally incur a level of pain; however the pain is manageable for all. The age for orthodontic braces treatment is becoming younger and we are more often than not seeing braces for kids on a regular basis. By children having custom orthodontics at an earlier age, we are preventing uncomfortable pain that may be caused by adult orthodontics later in life; this is because it is easier to mould a child’s mouth rather than an adults. Inevitably, there is a level of discomfort caused by orthodontics braces; however there are measures that can be taken to help alleviate this, particularly for children.

  1. Taking a painkiller roughly an hour before your orthodontics braces appointment will minimise this pain
  2. Use the dental wax your Sydney orthodontist supplies
  3. After the tightening of orthodontics braces, try eating soft foods for a few days
  4. Distractions will keep your child from focusing on the pain, take part in activities that they enjoy
  5. Reward your child with being brave

The amount of discomfort obtained from orthodontics braces treatment is only at certain points of the treatment. For example each time braces are moved or tightened, a level of discomfort is felt for a day or two, however this pain settles once your teeth are accustomed to the movement.

There are many types of orthodontic braces treatments that involve a minimal amount of pain and at Norwest Orthodontics we use a variety of these treatments; only using what is the most suitable for your child. Custom orthodontics such as Damon braces, move your teeth with light forces, no longer using rubber O-rings (which is what causes a little discomfort). Other available treatments include invisalign; a treatment that involves the replacement of aligners and moves to straighten teeth at a gradual pace. Each of these braces options is great for children as the minimal amount of pain and discomfort is felt with these types of orthodontics braces.

For further information about the different types of braces for kids and the best time to begin treatment, please contact the team at Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113.

Are braces too painful for children?

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