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Advantages of Clear Braces

The challenge has always been about trying to convince a teenager, or even an adult for that matter, that wearing braces for two to three years will straighten your teeth in the future. The major issue being the look of unsightly clunky metal braces.

However braces are no longer the chunky pieces of metal they once were. Today’s braces can be made of clear materials and therefore less visible on your teeth than traditional metal braces – a clear preference for teenagers and adults concerned about the look of braces when they smile.

Clear braces blend with the natural colour of your teeth by being transparent and avoid not altering a person’s the appearance of a mouth full of metal. Clear braces are typically made of clear plastic or ceramics.

The benefits of clear braces to straighten teeth and improve a patients overall appearance are exactly the same as traditional metal braces with the one exception of being invisible – a clear advantage.

Clear braces are a cosmetic alternative to unsightly metal braces, being quite inconspicuous; giving braces wearers the confidence to smile and to know that people are focusing on them, not their braces.

Advantages of Clear Braces

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