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10 best foods to eat while wearing braces

Many people see wearing braces as a negative, no longer able to eat minties or chewy lollies, but it’s not all bad! Norwest Orthodontics have compiled a list of 10 of the best foods to eat while wearing braces.

  1. Smoothies – Smoothies are a great healthy snack that can include almost any fruits and delicious yoghurts and nuts blended together. It is a perfect soft option for braces, and fruits can be steamed to be even softer for especially sensitive teeth.
  2. Pancakes and Syrup – Yes please! – Not necessarily as healthy as a smoothie, pancakes are a delicious treat that can be served at any meal and soft fruit and ice cream can be added for extra relief for a sore mouth.
  3. Scrambled Eggs – If you have an egg, you have a meal! Scrambled eggs are great for any meal and adding chives and some cheese makes it into a delicious meal.
  4. Anything in a quiche – A quiche with something soft like salmon or tuna as a filling and tasty cheese are a great dinner option or can be added to a lunch box for an easy to eat meal.
  5. Spaghetti bolognaise – Especially easy for children who are fussy eaters, spaghetti bolognaise is an easy meal option and vegetables can be hidden throughout.
  6. Cottage pies – A cottage pie with mash potato or sweet potato is a delicious meal that the whole family will be happy with.
  7. Asian Soup – With many more adults getting braces, there are also a wide range of delicious Asian soups and noodle dishes that are perfect for people with braces. The combination of flavoursome broth, noodles, thin meats and soft vegetables perfect for sore and sensitive mouths.
  8. Soft burritos – While tacos are a popular choice, the hard taco shell can be problematic for brace wearers. Instead opt for softer burritos.
  9. Most pasta dishes – Pasta dishes are a great option for meals, and with such a wide range of pasta types and shells, meal times don’t have to be boring.
  10. The desserts – And of course, no list would be complete without the obvious – ice cream, jelly, puddings, and cheesecakes. The range of soft, cooling sweet desserts cool and sooth a sore mouth.

Norwest Orthodontics have developed a recipe book which gives you great ideas of meals for when you have braces or plates. Download the recipe book here.

10 best foods to eat while wearing braces

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